The Science of Human Factors in Police Training with Chris Butler


Police officers have seconds, sometimes a fraction of a second to make decisions. How do we teach police officers predictable performance on the streets? This week, we hear from Chris Butler about his research on Force Science and how it's used to develop training in the police force.

Constable, Sergeant, Instructor but his friends just call him Chris. After being a part of our first roundtable: Use of Force and Defensive Tactics Training Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3. Chris is back and flying solo taking us back to where his passion to train came before even joining the force 34 years ago.

In this episode, he talks about his time as a Search and Rescue Technician in the Rocky Mountains and how this experience sparked a deep dive of research into how officers and technicians were trained in the Academy vs. officers performance in the field in high stress situations. Chris discusses the correlation between high stress situations and silly errors made in the field.

Chris recently retired as the Inspector of the Major Event and Emergency Management Section of the Calgary Police Service in Calgary. He's now the Director of Program Development for the Force Science Institute (FSI), where he continues to improve Police training with the research and discoveries he's made about human performance in high stress situations.

Chris is also the CEO and Chief Instructor at Raptor Protection & Safety Services.

Connect with Chris on Linked In.

And check out his findings about Heart Rate as a Predictor in the Field.

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